Improve customer experience to get more recommendations and reduce churn

Build better relation with your customers by driving customer centricity. Increase loyalty and referrals by ensuring a delightful customer experience is delivered by your team.

Higher churn impacting your occupancy rate?

Listening to your customers can provide you valuable insights to help you understand the pain points and reduce churn.

What if you could

  • understand families at risk of churn
  • open up dialogue to recover bad experience
  • allow the team to learn and optimise the experience
  • actively build recommendation and referrals
  • build future offerings backed by data

Increase acquisition and recommendation by understanding the customer better

CX Strategy
Find the opportunities

Discover what is working well and what is not to find opportunities for improvement.

VoC - Text Analytics
Act faster with trends

Our text analytics engine help you identify the trends as they develop and help you act faster than your competitors.

CX Solutions
Respond to feedback

Respond to the feedback and recover the bad experiences as soon as you know baout them.

Know how your customer’s experience have changed from the beginning

Customer Journey in CX

Measuring the customer’s experience from the beginning and being able to view the full journey helps you make improvements which affects complete experience rather than single touch points.

  • understand every touch point and their importance in the journey to prevent customers from churning
  • discover which points are creating a potential loss in revenue
  • identify operational issues to remove friction
  • improve customer experience continuously

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Scale the experience within the organisation and increase lifetime value of the customer

  • Increase efficiency through customer needs
  • Ensure a consistent customer experience is provided at each stage in customer journey
  • Empower each team with insights to make the experience better
  • Create uplift in productivity across each staff member, multiplying the ROI of insight
CX Metrics
Keep track of what matters

Make efforts to change the experience as you keep track of your metrics and drivers in a single day-to-day view.

Survey response
Understand each customer

Detailed feedback along with the contextual data about the customer allows you to handle each feedback separately.

Team KPI
Work as a team

With an easier way to track your team activities, you can increase your team’s productivity to provide the best experience.


Get more recommendations and reduce churn

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