Who, why & how?

Get to know the personas that use us, why they use us and how?

Garry is a CEO at a finance corporation

“We’re doing well in our market so far but we need to be one of the top 3 against our competitors. We need to make the whole organisation more customer centric.”

Hannah works with Garry and is the head of CX

“I need to take the leadership team on the Customer experience journey by showcasing data and insights that bring value.”

Katey works in Hannah’s team as a CX analyst

“I hate not being able to get trends and do my analysis fast enough. There is so much complication in bringing CX data together. People are always chasing me for reports.”

Doug is a branch manager for a bank

“Call me competitive but I want my branch to be the best of the best. I need to ensure they are delivering the target customer experience consistently and find ways to support them.”

Betty is a customer representative at a bank contact centre

“If only I could know how customers felt about the way I was solving their queries and how I could improve. Also if my manager could notice how much effort I put into to delivering customer delight as opposed to the rest of the team”