The perfect NPS survey length

The perfect NPS survey length

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There are many different methods for gathering NPS®. Some organisations add the NPS question to their long established customer satisfaction survey. This avoids duplication but can make the surveys very long. Other companies capture only the NPS and do not give the customer anywhere to write their comments. This is a wasted opportunity because the NPS without any context is of very limited value.

We usually recommend that surveys be as short as possible – but there are a couple critical elements. Everything else that is added to the survey is an optional extra.

  1. The NPS question
  2. A comment box to gather the reasons why the customer gave that score

Optional extras can include the customer identifier (e.g. loyalty card number), demographics, satisfaction questions, scores for elements of the customer experience (e.g. price, range, service), and Word of Mouth Index.

The simplicity of our survey design helps to ensure that customers are not confused about the survey questions and that the majority of the time they invest in completing the survey is capturing their comments about the experience.

The most thorough way to calculate the perfect length of an NPS survey for your organisation is by testing and learning. Start with a very basic survey and gradually increase the number of questions or the complexity of questions. For each test, you will need to measure at least 2 key metrics: the completion rate (i.e. the proportion of surveys that were completed out of the surveys that were started) and the average length of time it takes to complete the survey.
There will be a ‘sweet spot’ where you maintain a fairly high completion rate while harvesting the most valuable insights from your customers.

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