Resonate Pulse Platform

A central point of management for customer experience data

Use Resonate Pulse to:


Create and deploy surveys

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Follow up and action feedback

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Analyse and discover customer insights

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Develop and monitor Customer Experience initiatives

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Manage and analyse data of all types in the one environment, at scale and speed.

In our experience, any data that can provide context for customer feedback is extremely valuable.

Contextual datasets can include:

Point of Sale Transactional Data

Product Data

Organisational data

CRM, Segment, or Customer profile data

The contextual datasets for your organisation would be identified, and the relevant data integrated in order for you to gain the most out of the Resonate Pulse platform.

Compel action

The Resonate Pulse Platform has a multitude of ways to compel action and create staff and customer advocates including:

Mobile alerts and reporting for Executives

Promoter triggered email congratulating frontline staff

Automatic escalations for “unattended” detractors

Applying filtering and suppression rules for customer survey communications

Allocating and optimising survey distribution by a range of channels including (1 way and 2 way SMS, email, in-store tablets, QR codes)

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