Transform Customer Experience
With Resonate

Empower the frontline to the C-suite.
Make closing the feedback everyone’s responsibility.

Capture Omnichannel Feedback

In the right way, at the right time

Every interaction is a touchpoint, create unforgettable ways to capture feedback from your customers. Stay relevant with contextually created dynamic surveys. Frame questions through cognitive learning, utilise advanced machine learning to create smarter survey reactions. Capture the actionable insights directly from those who matter.

Engage at the right time through the right channels, whether it is email, digital, in-app embedding, SMS (1 and 2 way), tablet, social media or facial recognition. Capture the feedback when it matters.

The Future of Feedback

Meet Reggie, an A.I. Driven Conversational Feedback Bot

In a highly competitive landscape, every touch point counts. Survey fatigue is taking its toll and standard web forms with questions doesn’t cut it anymore. See how A.I. can affect response rates.

Close the Loop on Feedback

Prompt your front line into action

Empower your front line the ability to overturn the negative sentiment promptly. Drive a positive experience in each customer. Act on the feedback through advanced workflows to alert, inform and schedule call back for the affected staff. View the pulse of the customer and their details through a customised portal or call back the customer directly through the Resonate Echo App.

At a glance view of the history for each customer, easily access customer details and start scheduling your call back through an intuitive portal. Your current call back are waiting.

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Resonate Echo

Listen, Act and Improve on the Go

Resonate Echo - A Powerful Companion App

Close the loop faster by view real-time feedback and call customers directly from your phone, quickly view vital stats including NPS, action and allocate callback enabling faster internal escalation. Gain insights at a glance through themes and text analytics.

Analyse and Evaluate the Feedback

Discover the drivers the affect CX

Integrate your structured and unstructured data into a single dashboard. Drill into the feedback and uncover the hidden trends that are affecting your customer’s experience. Allow the latest text analytics engine to classify, group and segment the feedback. Add contextual data and truly grasp the details of why behind the score.

Personalised dashboards that showcase data from C-suite to the frontline. Have the insights you need readily available to make the right decisions.

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Text Analytics

Get Feedback Unconventionally

Engage Your Employees

Enlist your entire staff force to be an ambassador of the brand. Provide them with the tool to capture feedback unconventionally. Involve your employees in the bigger picture. Improve employee engagement with the organisation.

Visualise Customer Feedback

Improve CX one customer at a time

Drive organisation wide customer centricity through motivation and bringing it to the front of minds. Bring customer feedback to life by broadcasting it throughout key areas of the business such as breakout rooms, back office, executive board rooms and high traffic locations.

The Big Screen App is a great way to engage employees with the idea and implementation of customer centricity initiatives and demonstrates that your organisation is serious about its commitment to its customers.

See the Platform in Action

Talk to Resonate

Speak with one of our CX enthusiasts if you’re looking to start your VoC or NPS program. Start listening to your customers, raise your Net Promoter Score, improve customer satisfaction, synthesise actionable insights and lead your organisation to customer centricity.