We want to introduce you to the team and show you what life is like at Resonate.

We work hard to make sure we are open and transparent in our communications, because we believe in being a team. We try our best to be good listeners and communicators and we work hard to improve day-on-day.

“At the end of the day we are all people”

At Resonate we understand that our staff have lives outside of work too, and we aim to ensure the best work/life balance for everyone in the office. To make sure we are making Resonate a great place to work we make sure to celebrate our wins and our people.

We work hard, but we also know how to have fun!

The team

Our team is made up of talented individuals, and we invite you to join us in our adventure!

If you want a place to grow and develop whilst having fun, then make sure to give us a shout.

Email us at



The perks

Friday Team Lunch

Every Friday the team gets together for lunch in our office. We aren't talking sandwiches, we are talking pizza, burgers, Thai stir fries, noodles and much more! Followed by our Friday Fun where we play some weird and wonderful games and guessing competitions.

Flexible work spaces

We have standing desks and plenty of office space. It isn't unusual to see people working in the kitchen, or sitting on the floor in a brain storming session.

Casual working environment

We like to keep things pretty relaxed in the office. We have company meetings where we all pull up a seat or find a spot close to the big screen. You will also see that it isn't an everyday thing to wear formal business attire, we like to keep things light and fun in order to make it a great work environment.

Daily Fun

Sometimes you just need to take a break, and have a laugh. So why not grab a colleague and play some table tennis, or head over to the games room where you can play Foosball or have a game on the Xbox.

Top Secret Fun

Once a month this secret group 'SSS' organise some pretty awesome events. This year we went out and had a game of bubble soccer, and there was a zombie apocalypse party. Who is SSS? None of us are quite sure, but they put on some pretty awesome events.

Work/Life Balance

We try to ensure that everyone here has a good work life balance. We know everyone has a life outside of work and it is important to make sure there is a good balance between work and everyday life.

Interested in working with us?