Measure, understand and close the loop on customer experience

Gain practical and actionable insights through customer feedback. Utilise the data to understand team performance, coach teams in specific areas, and develop ways to improve customer experience.

Share insights – lookup feedback related to individuals or stores in order to develop and improve staff knowledge

Close the loop with real customers – real-time feedback can be escalated to managers for follow up, allowing managers to recover lost or unhappy customers

Share best practices with teams and peers – through data gathered at their store you can share insights based on evidence

Provide continuous and effective training mechanisms – by understanding how customers respond to the service managers can provide staff with ways to develop their skills and improve

Resonate Pulse Solutions enables you to listen to customers.

Providing you with context so you can understand and continuously improve the customers' experience.

Listen to customers and capture multichannel feedback with our Pulse Surveyer Platform

Act on customer feedback in real time using the Pulse Portal and the Echo mobile app together

Discover trends, mine data, and gain further insight from your feedback data with Pulse Analytics, the leading analytics tool

Improve and learn how to build better customer experiences, and visualise customer feedback with the Big Screen App

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