user story on the frontline

Frontline Operations

Gain instantaneous feedback from customers about their experience and turn it into insights that drive your business

As a frontline staff member, it can be difficult to understand the link between customer satisfaction and business results.

Frontline staff are also in touch with customers everyday and knowing what their customers are saying is an important part of their development and motivation.

This is where Resonate’s Big Screen App (BSA) can help. Through the visualisation of real-time customer feedback, this tool provides your customer facing staff with feedback enabling the understanding of what did and didn’t go well, and provides context on how to improve the customer experience.

Resonate's Big Screen App enables:

Staff empowerment – each staff member can view feedback, take action, as well as see and measure improvement

Context – feedback is mapped to transactional data enabling you to understand exactly where to improve

Organisation wide customer centricity – through the visualisation of real-time feedback all staff members are engaged in moving the scoreboard forward

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