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It takes more than a survey to create a magical experience

Does your VoC platform make it easy to action insights?

77% of businesses say improving customer experience is their top priority.

And we help some of them

  • Supercheap
  • sandvik
  • Walmart
  • BCF
  • Expedia
  • Rebel
  • Rays

  • — Daryl D’Cruz, Head of Digital & Data, Sports Retailing
    “The Super Retail Group have utilised Resonate’s flexible NPS platform and worked closely with their experienced CX consultants since 2011. This partnership has ensured that customer insights are actionable and disseminated into every business unit from merchandising to staff training.” View Rebel Case Study

  • — Justin Lee, Director of Customer Experience AU & NZ
    “Resonate has enabled us to truly understand our customers and their experience with the Brand. The implementation of their Pulse “flying cards” system combined with their advice has not only ensured customer experience is top of mind at Expedia but also enabled us to drill down and obtain actionable insights to improve the customer experience.”

  • — Jim Thompson, Chief Operating Officer
    “Resonate has successfully rolled out and refined a transactional NPS platform across a 400 plus store network in China over the past three years. The program has been instrumental in establishing customer focus at a store level, and systematically increasing NPS across the network. The innovation, adaptability and resilience of the Resonate team has been greatly appreciated.” View Walmart Case Study

  • — Mei Koon, General Manager, Marketing & Communications
    “Resonate’s team showed great investment in the relationship, keeping the momentum consistent before we even signed on to the end. We wanted to work with a partner who would help us navigate the waters of a Voice-of-Customer pilot as part of our digital customer-first transformation. The integrity and commitment of the Resonate team is something not often come upon in partner. Our journey was made so much more effective and efficient because we knew they were in it for our success.”

Resonate: A world-class experience management platform.

Resonate’s experience management platform offers you new ways to make data-driven decisions:

  • Understand your customer
  • Empower your employee
  • Act on your insights
  • Improve your business

Customer Experience

Every interaction with a customer is a touchpoint and every touchpoint creates an experience. Resonate’s CX platform allows you to capture customer data in easy and effective ways, providing easily actionable insights for all of your staff – from the frontline to the C-Suite.


Employee Experience

Engaging your employees can often prove a difficult task. Resonate Echo allows you to listen and give feedback in simple and meaningful ways. Our desktop and mobile applications create a space for you to listen to feedback and ideas anywhere, anytime.



Innovation comes through problems being solved. The greatest demonstrations of innovative thinking come through a pain point being too much to withstand, and a problem solver finding an answer. Innovation is sparked by finding out the real problems within your business.


Closed loop feedback & NPS

The effective feedback system is a continuous loop and process. Listen to your customers, act on the feedback, discover new CX insights and improve your customer’s experience and then doing it all over again. This can be at a customer touchpoint or episode and when operationalised it can create ever improving customer experiences.

See the Platform in Action

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