Employee Experience

As eloquently defined by Forbes in its Article
What is Employee Experience

”It’s the sum of all interactions that an employee has with her employer during the duration of her employment relationship. It includes any way the employee “touches” or interacts with the company and vice versa in the course of doing her job. And, importantly, it includes her feelings, emotions and perceptions of those interactions.”

The world of work grows more complex with digital, physical and geographical boundaries of work being blurred. How we manage an employee’s experience will ultimately decide the productivity, wellbeing and potential of both the employee and the organization.

Leading organisations around the world are investing time and effort in understanding employee needs, designing and managing employee experience.

In order to be able to rapidly understand, manage and scale employee experiences in your organization the deployment of an employee experience platform together with an employee experience strategy is a must.


Employee Experience Platform

Creating a quality experience for your employees can be made easier and more effective with our EX Platform.

Our powerful platform allows your business to measure and understand employee experiences. Empower your employees to solicit and provide feedback at any time, share ideas and make it a compelling, collaborative experience.

Track Engagement
View Feedback
Make Improvements
Act Faster

Facilitate Open Feedback

Measure and Track Employee Experience

With Resonate’s Employee Relationship Feedback program, your employees will be invited to share periodic feedback through scores and verbatims. They will also be able to rate your key employee value propositions e.g. Worklife balance, Perks etc. Your employees can give anonymous feedback with our personalized built-in survey anytime, anywhere using our user friendly interface.

Our surveys are customized with a mixture of life and work questions combined with rating and experience driven questions to learn why the employees feel the way they do. This is to allow people management teams to get actionable insights to improve. With our open-text answers people can put in answers in their own words and bring forward concerns that might otherwise go unshared.

These responses become powerful insights in our Dashboards.

Filter answer data, view charts, and export your data at all times.

Visualizations that help you track areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Text Analytics

Let AI  Help You in Understanding Employee Sentiment

Understanding your employees concerns becomes a tedious task when having large amount of unstructured text responses. Resonate’s text analytics software helps automatically capture the important keywords and trends from employee responses and gives an overall view of the positive and negatives themes through our dashboards.

A quick glance at this powerful dashboard can make it easy for your managers to prioritize their next steps thereby helping them make quicker and better decisions.


Role Centered Insights

Analyze and make your decisions based on Insights with role based dashboards.

You can provide different levels of access based on your organizations requirements. Team leaders can keep a real-time check on top performers and work on a team improvement plan accordingly. These insights are extremely helpful during performance reviews and can help understand and set goals together.

Higher management can have access to view data of a larger demographic or region that they cater to. This helps them put a strategic plan for the whole company. Since different departments have different goals and challenges, these dashboards help create both short-term and long-term improvements.

Build More Leaders using our 360 Feedback

Empower employees to control their own career

Resonate’s 360 Feedback is a holistic approach for everyone in the organization to evaluate themselves. It is a powerful learning aid to develop and sharpen their self-awareness and improve their skills.

Employees complete a self- assessment survey and request others to anonymously provide their feedback.

The dashboard highlights differences between the employee’s self-perception and feedback from others.

Individuals get a larger insight of how others perceive them and can take action to increase their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses.

Managers and HR can use these scores to reinforce corporate culture and increase team performance through transparent communications and greater self-awareness.

Make Every Voice Matter

Show employees you care

Our pulse surveys are company-wide and help understanding how happy, fulfilled, challenged, and dedicated employees are with the company’s climate or environment,

HR professionals can have access to this organization-wide data to measure employee satisfaction. These surveys are even more important during business downfalls, reorganizations or downsizings. This feedback is key in improving the company culture and employee retention.

You may have launched a Covid safety plan but are unsure of what your employees’ concerns really are. Find out by asking for real-time feedback through Pulse. These surveys can help you better communicate and act on a plan that has a more meaningful impact.

Improve Company Culture

Recognize and appreciate a job well done.

Resonate Kudos and Tips feature is a culture changer. Employees want to be recognized for their good work as it boosts motivation and morale.

With Resonate’s Kudos, you can appreciate your colleagues and create a culture where positive reinforcement and encouragement are easily accessible for everyone.
Kudos and Tips removes stumbling blocks to positive communication and facilitates a space to grow a supportive and inclusive team.


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