Employee Experience

An experience platform designed to help you understand, engage and empower your employees.

Creating a quality experience for your employees can be made easier and more effective with Resonate EX. Our platform allows your business to understand and measure employee sentiment and their experiences. Empower your employees to provide feedback, capture customer feedback, share ideas and become brand advocates.

With the experience management platform, you can hear from your employees, close the loop, and empower them to create lasting impact.

Discover and Manage Employee Sentiment

Measure and monitor your company’s Employee sentiment instantly

Resonate EX allows you to keep check of your employee experience metrics (e.g. eNPS) with ease and efficiency, as well as understand the ‘why’ through employee verbatim. Understand Employee sentiment, get rich insights behind the ‘why’ they feel the way they do and provide contextual reporting on which groups of your staff require attention. Make your employees more than just staff; make them promoters of your brand by closing the loop and actively managing employee sentiment.

Employee Experience
Employee Feedback

Capture customer feedback

Turn your employees into your biggest brand advocates.

Never miss out on true feedback from the customers who don’t fill out surveys. Gain insights shared at social gatherings and informal settings. Uncover the hidden trends that are affecting your customer’s experience. Resonate EX facilitates informal feedback to be recorded and actioned.

Share Ideas

Discover the great ideas hidden within your team

Resonate EX helps you uncover your greatest asset – your employee’s
ideas. Through our platform, create a space where ideas can be shared easily, discussed openly and remove the silos in your business.

Create a space where seemless collaboration and ideation can occur
within your team. Inform your employees about the progress their idea is making through the idea management life cycle to keep them engaged.

Employee Experience - Ideas
Employee Kudos

Give Kudos

Build your team’s culture into a positivity powerhouse

Resonate EX’s Kudos feature is a culture changer. Create a culture where positive reinforcement and encouragement are easily accessible for all employees.

Kudos removes stumbling blocks to positive communication, and facilitates a space to grow a supportive and inclusive team.


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