In Doug’s Shoes

Doug is a branch manager at a bank

He wants to increase revenue by retention and growth in his region

He wants to manage his customer facing team and make them more effective in driving store operations and CX


Road blocks he faces…

A way to understand how his team is servicing customers

Ability to close the loop with his customers to drive loyalty and retain them, keeping his store revenues high

Identifying store insights for his team to action

Access to simple reports which he can share with his team for further coaching and training

Understanding how he compares to other stores within the brand


Resonate: Moving the roadblock so that he can:

View performance of his stores relatively as well as with other regions

Easily view team performance and track them against customer experience metrics (e.g. NPS)

Access to real time reports to  share with his team

Make sure that his team is closing the loop with their customers especially customers who need recovery

Effortlessly view actionable insights for his team to implement

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