Align every part of your organisation with your customer

Deeply understand your customer experience. Empower your employees. Scale insights and grow your business.

A CX platform that allows you to execute on your CX strategy, scale it and make customer experience your competitive advantage.

CX Platform



A world-class customer experience management platform

Together with Resonate’s deep experience in implementing and managing VoC, CX, NPS and EX programs to deliver impactful business outcomes using customer experience management. Operationalise and scale voice of customer programs that reduce churn, increase revenue and enable growth.
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“Resonate has successfully rolled out and refined a transactional NPS platform across a 400 plus store network in China over the past three years. The program has been instrumental in establishing customer focus at a store level, and systematically increasing NPS across the network. The innovation, adaptability and resilience of the Resonate team has been greatly appreciated.”

Jim Thompson, Chief Operating Officer, Walmart China

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Go beyond the touchpoints and shed light on the whole journey

Bring touchpoints together, measure episodes and customer journeys in realtime, bring your organisational silos together to truly transform CX



Not just the metric but the ‘why’

Understand unstructured data in the customer feedback to extract the true value from your surveys , complaints and interactions

Text analytics

Keep track of your customer metrics and compare different segments in the leaderboards.
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Root cause analysis

Automated Machine learning and AI allows the most significant issues come to the front without manual analysis.

Intent, emotion and sentiment

The customer’s voice says a lot, automatically understand emotion, intent and sentiment.

Overlay with CX metrics

Bring text analytics and CX metrics together to understand what and why to more easily increase the metrics

You don’t have to be a data scientist to extract insight from a CX data set.

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“The Resonate has been instrumental in assisting the Sports division as it develops further into a true customer centric organization and we look forward to the future of this ongoing partnership.The Resonate has been instrumental in assisting the Sports division as it develops further into a true customer centric organization and we look forward to the future of this ongoing partnership.”

Wayne Tozer, Executive General Manager, Retail Sports Division, Super Retail Group

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Drive action from frontline teams to get greater value out of CX insights

Closed loop feedback enable actions and push feedback to the frontline in real time. Empower your frontline with the ability to understand the Customer experience, recover it and learn from it. Act on the feedback through advanced workflows to alert, inform and schedule call back for the affected staff. View context about the interaction and match themes.

From a glance you will quickly view details of the interactions, easily access customer details and start scheduling your call backs – all through an intuitive portal. Operationalise all feedback directly to those that can action it.

CX Frontline Staff
Your team performance

Relative performance of frontline teams, those that are driving good experiences and those that need improvement.

CX Strategy
Simplify things to improve

Allow frontline teams to understand quick wins in CX and keep doing their core jobs.

CX Solutions
Customer callback workflows

Systematically scale CX management across large frontline teams by managing workflows for customer experience recovery and delight.


Engage your customers in the ways they love

The customer feedback survey is a touchpoint in its own right. The experience should be one that drives positive sentiment and leaves the customer feeling heard.

Every interaction is a touchpoint, including capturing feedback from your customers. Stay relevant with contextually created dynamic surveys. Frame questions through cognitive learning, utilise advanced machine learning to create smarter survey reactions. Capture the actionable insights directly from those who matter.

Omnichannel Feedback

Choose the right channel for the customer and the moment. Don’t let the technology limit the way you talk to your customer

Seamless Surveys

Ensure that no matter which device a customer uses their experience is seamless.

High Response Rate
High response rates

Data is is the fuel for powerful insights, get high response rates to ensure you are working with a rich data set

What about the customers who will not answer your surveys?

Capture your customer’s emotions when they are visiting your business

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Share the insights.
Drive change.
Get maximum ROI from data.

Bring customer feedback to life by broadcasting it throughout key areas of the business such as breakout rooms and back office.

Collecting customer feedback is not the hardest part – changing the organisational culture to give it attention is. Use our culture changing CX technology that allows you to push the customer agenda forward faster.

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Empower, engage and understand employees

Capture voice of employee. Create brand ambassadors. Use their untapped insight.

In an era of growing customer expectations, your employees are your greatest asset in delivering exceptional customer experience. Market leading organisations differentiate with an engaged workforce.

Employee experience is not a monthly, quarterly or annual exercise, it is a continuous process. It involves gauging employee sentiment, using their passion and allowing them to create impact.

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Employee Experience

Listen, Act and Improve CX on the Go!

A large part of your workforce does not sit behind a desk, whether its field sales teams, store managers or customer service staff. Give them access to customer insights while they are on the move. A powerful companion app, Echo works in sync to deliver a distilled mobile experience for staff on the go.

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“Resonate’s team showed great investment in the relationship, keeping the momentum consistent before we even signed on to the end. We wanted to work with a partner who would help us navigate the waters of a Voice-of-Customer pilot as part of our digital customer-first transformation. The integrity and commitment of the Resonate team is something not often come upon in partner. Our journey was made so much more effective and efficient because we knew they were in it for our success.”

Mei Koon, General Manager, Marketing & Communications, NSW Business Chamber

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