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A Holistic Approach to Experience: Why CX and EX are equally important.

by Wordpress Admin • May 31, 2018

Experience is one of the great unifiers in our world. People love to experience good things, but experiencing them together often adds to the enjoyment. In the same way, going through a bad experience can have its blow softened by sharing it with others. How does this concept pan out in the business realm? How […]

How a Coffee Shop Had Me, Lost Me and Got Me Back Again: A lesson in Customer Centricity, Loyalty and the Importance of a Name.

by Wordpress Admin • May 30, 2018

As with the majority of Sydney workers, I start my day with a coffee. Most days, my cup and I appear in the line of my favourite shop. Here are a few lessons from one experience I’ve recently had: #1 – Know what your customer wants, and let them know you know (Personalisation). As I […]

#CxBites: 3 Must-haves That Will Set You Up For An NPS Win.

by Wordpress Admin • May 16, 2018

Ever felt like your NPS Programs might not be hitting the mark? In #CXBites, we discover 3 must-haves that will set you up for a win. 

CX Bites

by Wordpress Admin • May 16, 2018

We’re excited to launch #CXBites – a video series exploring the CX space with Resonate. We hope you join us for the journey.

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3 Key Steps Before You Start An NPS Program.

by Wordpress Admin • May 9, 2018

Have you found yourself in a place where your Feedback and NPS programs haven’t quite had to impact you had hoped they would? Many a business have embarked on implementing an NPS strategy in order to create impact, however, they have been left disappointed with the lack of change and lack of result. If you […]

Discover how Blockchain is Impacting on Customer Experience.

by Magwin Alok • May 2, 2018

What the internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions – Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM What is Blockchain? Let me start off by saying, as fancy and curious as this technology might sound, it’s still in an emerging stage. Drawing an analogy, consider Blockchain as a Google Sheet documenting all your trading […]

It’s Time To Trust The Machines For CX Insights – 5 Questions AI Can Answer Better Than Anything Else In Your Business’ CX Program.

by Joris Dries • April 26, 2018

The term “Artificial Intelligence” speaks to our collective imagination. We believe AI can make our dreams come true and all we need is a magic wand to open the machine learning box. Unfortunately, that’s not quite how it works! But there is a silver lining, and it’s becoming brighter. The practical applications of AI are […]

Ferry on Water

There Are No Rules, And Other CX Lessons Learnt Through The Morning Commute.

by Shivendra Patrabansh • April 12, 2018

What makes a good experience? It is said that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. However, there is no fixed set of rules that makes the experience of one brand better than the other. Experience can be defined as a series of events and interactions that leaves […]