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Facial Recognition for CX – Are we there yet?

by Jeff Carruthers • August 15, 2018

One of the great things about working in CX is the insanely fast changing world of technology and its potential to improve our lives as customers. It can also lead of course, to the phenomenon of “a solution looking for a problem” (that bright new shiny technology). Facial recognition, facial analytics (& the broader Cognitive […]

The Imaginery Barriers to Great B2B Customer Experience

by Jeff Carruthers • August 10, 2018

    The business-to-business (B2B) world has finally woken up to the brave new world of customer feedback. For years, Customer Experience initiatives in all their different formats have been the preserve of business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses. B2C businesses who were somehow different – somehow simpler and more immediate businesses than our (B2B) businesses. After all, […]

Negative Feedback

by Resonate • July 26, 2018

  Disgruntled customers are your biggest resource for improvement. If a customer complains it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to abandon you. It’s actually a sign of commitment. Listen to our CXBites for more.

Measuring Customer Experience Impacts Revenue Growth………..…Right??

by Rebecca Mitchell • July 18, 2018

Nowadays most companies are measuring CX, however most companies are not necessarily impacting revenue based on CX…   “Despite the priority B2B companies place on CX, 80 percent of them experience low or modest revenue growth. 80% of B2B companies are at risk of seeing their revenue growth slip away because although they understand CX […]

Why Start a Voice of Customer Program?

by Madhuri Alse • July 2, 2018

In today’s world, most of the companies see a strong Cx program as a must have in their arsenal to ensure they can compete and differentiate themselves in the market. That it’s no longer optional to have a VoC program but a must have as part of their strategy. However ever so often, when margins […]

A Holistic Approach to Experience: Why CX and EX are equally important.

by Resonate • May 31, 2018

Experience is one of the great unifiers in our world. People love to experience good things, but experiencing them together often adds to the enjoyment. In the same way, going through a bad experience can have its blow softened by sharing it with others. How does this concept pan out in the business realm? How […]

How a Coffee Shop Had Me, Lost Me and Got Me Back Again: A lesson in Customer Centricity, Loyalty and the Importance of a Name.

by Resonate • May 30, 2018

As with the majority of Sydney workers, I start my day with a coffee. Most days, my cup and I appear in the line of my favourite shop. Here are a few lessons from one experience I’ve recently had: #1 – Know what your customer wants, and let them know you know (Personalisation). As I […]

#CxBites: 3 Must-haves That Will Set You Up For An NPS Win.

by Resonate • May 16, 2018

Ever felt like your NPS Programs might not be hitting the mark? In #CXBites, we discover 3 must-haves that will set you up for a win.