Improve - Big Screen App

The ability to see customer feedback in a clear, manageable, and easy to understand way is highly valuable.

Visualise customer feedback and improve the customer experience

The Big Screen App enables the visualisation of customer feedback, and can help transform the way staff think about and act towards your customers.

The Big Screen App allows organisations to :

Drive org wide customer centricity

Bring customer feedback to life

The Big Screen App brings together real time customer feedback with contextual data and displays it on a large screen in work areas, enabling staff to gain feedback in an engaging and easy to understand way.

Serious about putting customers first?

The Big Screen App is a great way to engage employees with the idea and implementation of customer centricity initiatives and demonstrates that your organisation is serious about its commitment to its customers.


The complete Pulse Platform has a multitudes of ways to compel action and create staff and customer advocates including:

Mobile alerts for CEO’s

Promoter triggered email congratulating frontline staff

Automatic escalations for “unattended” detractors

“Locked” call-backs for senior executives

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