This is Resonate.

Resonate is the leading Australian Customer Experience Management (CEM) provider. We specialise in Voice of Customer (VoC), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Employee Engagement and driving customer centricity within the organisation. Through technology our solutions help organisations breakdown siloes and barriers in order to deliver exceptional Customer Experience (CX).

Since the beginning Resonate was always driven to deliver customer centricity within organisations. Our journey began in 2001 as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting and systems integration business. In 2007, we pioneered the value of social media for large brands in Australia by introducing managed online communities to companies including Bupa and Woolworths.

In 2010, we took the experience in CRM and online communities to enhance the view of customers within the organisation. We became NPS accredited and utilised our well-rounded view enabling the creation and implementation of solutions to improve customer experience. Today, we work across industries including finance, retail and insurance.

Our Values

Make Magic
Everyday at Resonate, we make magic, we materialise the (im)possible, we are relentlessly resourceful and we inspire everyone around us.
Power Up the Circle
We believe in energising the team by giving more than what you take, we understand the multiplier effect of great team work and we always pay it forward.
Enchant the Client
We believe in captivating our clients with outcomes and making them believe in magic. Our goal is to leave them spellbound in wanting more...
Be A Wizard
Our wizards are always looking to mastering their craft. They are hungry to get better at what they do each day, but most of all they know it is about practising and making mistakes because it's okay to break the wand.

Our Team

Our team is a combination of unique individuals. We come from different backgrounds and are of different ethnicities. But we are all working towards a common goal. To be a magician in our field and drive customer lead organisations.



We have selected the best in breed partners for technology, consulting, research and CX. The ultimate goal is to drive customer centricity and provide a better customer experience. Our partnerships are based on that common goal.

We're hiring

Resonate is continues to seek world class talent to join the growing team. See why Resonate is a great place to work.

“At the end of the day, we are all people”