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“The Super Retail Group have utilised Resonate’s flexible NPS platform and worked closely with their experienced CX consultants since 2011. This partnership has ensured that customer insights are actionable and disseminated into every business unit from merchandising to staff training.”

Daryl D’Cruz, Head of Digital & Data, Sports Retailing


Uncover actionable insights

Easily integrate all customer interaction data and uncover insights

Understand feedback in the context of the customer experience.

If today most of your effort is spent in manually bringing together different data sources rather than extracting CX insights to inform change then take a look at the Resonate CX platform. It allows for all transactional, operational and customer feedback data to sit in one analytical environment. Freeing up time to extract insights and form CX strategy.

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VOC - CX Text Analytics
Meaningful Text Analytics

Go beyond words and phrases . Understand sentiment, intent. Out of the box rich text analysis

Operational Customer Experience
Integrate Operational Data

Bring operational data and experience data into one environment to wholistically understand the impact on business.

CX - VOC Metrics
Interactive and Visual

You don’t have to be a data scientist to contribute to customer solutions. Be able to slice and dice data in a CX dashboards and contribute to the customer strategy.


Empower your teams

Understand the experience, recover it and reduce churn

Close the loop through intelligent workflows.

You can start getting ROI from your customer feedback from the very first day – by pushing this data intelligently into the hands of frontline teams that service customers each day. Scale your CX program by given each member of your organisation data to build their Customer Centric muscels and drive lasting change.

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Customer Experience Mnagement - Closed Loop

Understand your customers

Don’t limit how you listen to your customers

Send your customers’ feedback surveys through different channels and devices. Web, eMail, SMS, in-app, bots and many more.

The survey is an experience , a touch point with the customer. It should be treated nothing less than a frictionless customer experience driving positive sentiment

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Customer Experience Survey Channels

What about the customers who will not answer your surveys?

Capture your customer’s emotions when they are visiting your business

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Empower, engage and understand employees

Capture voice of employee. Create brand ambassadors. Use their untapped insight.

In an era of growing customer expectations, your employees are your greatest asset in delivering exceptional customer experience. Market leading organisations differentiate with an engaged workforce.

Employee experience is not a monthly, quarterly or annual exercise, it is a continuous process. It involves gauging employee sentiment, using their passion and allowing them to create impact.

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Employee Experience

Compel data driven decisions

Empower every employee with insights in real time.

Compel customer focused action.

Recover and revive the customer experience.

Reduce churn and scale.

Grow your business.

Learn about more ways in which the Resonate CX platform empowers each employee in your organisation to drive better customer experience.

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VOC - CX Platform


Learn how Resonate’s CX platform helped our clients grow their business with customer centricity.

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  • Supercheap
  • sandvik
  • Walmart
  • BCF
  • Expedia
  • Rebel
  • Rays

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