SmartMobs? What we can learn from the #ukriots

Posted On August 18, 2011 By Darren Sharp

  The recent devastating riots and looting in London, Birmingham and Manchester have put social media in the spotlight once again.  The BlackBerry mobile handset and its private messaging service (BBM) came under particular scrutiny for its use by rioters to coordinate activities and swap information about events happening on the ground. The prevalence of BlackBerry handset use by those involved in the riots led to calls for RIM (handset-maker) to suspend the BlackBerry Messe



Posted On August 12, 2011 By Sue Cash

Why do we use screen names within online communities?  Online communities are groups of people that have come together around a specific common interest.  The common interest could be anything from an employer, TV show, technology brand or even a health complaint. Many community platforms give their members the opportunity to use a screen name to disguise their identity and even create a fun persona for that community.   Facebook is one notable exception &nda


Visualising Data

Posted On August 5, 2011 By Larah Kennedy

Data visualisation is something we find really exciting here at Resonate; I suppose you could even call it a passion.  And really, who doesn’t love an infographic? So I thought I would share with you some of our favourite data visualisation peeps: •    Nick Rapp – Nick is the Graphics Director at Fortune magazine and is responsible for some great infographics. Check out his work here, here and here. •    David McCandless – David,


Closing an online community with integrity

Posted On July 21, 2011 By Sue Cash

There are many reasons why an online community could fail to deliver results for a brand.  The most common reasons are that the brand has difficulty getting customers to engage and that the brand is unable to collaborate with customers effectively.If you have an online community that is not delivering results and you decide to close it down, it is important to plan the closing of the community with the same vigour as the launch.The following 2 steps summarise our recommended approach:1. Cha


Social Contests

Posted On July 14, 2011 By Darren Sharp

The recent buzz surrounding the launch of Google+ overshadowed the release of a new social contest website called Google acquired Prizes parent company Slide last year to make inroads into the lucrative social gaming market. Prizes enables people to post a task or question (like how to plan a trip to Italy), offer cash prizes as incentives and crowdsource the best solutions. Users are able to vote for their favourite entry and the contest creator gets to pick the winner or else they


Customer insight and action with Pulse

Posted On July 7, 2011 By Jeff Carruthers

We have tried hard over the years not to self-promote on this blog-site, so please excuse us on this one occasion with an announcement that we are very excited about! We are proud to announce the arrival of Pulse - a new "customer insight and action" platform; and we have marked the occasion with an introductory video that provides some flavour as to how it might assist you and your organisation.   Pulse is an on-line (or SaaS) platform that has a number of operational


Resonate’s Musings on Google+

Posted On June 30, 2011 By Larah Kennedy

Here at Resonate Solutions we have been busy playing with testing Google’s latest foray into social networking; Google+. This latest venture is still in beta testing so there are a few quibbles but for the most part we are unanimous that this might actually stand up as a contender to Facebook, which is a big call considering the flailing MySpace was just sold for a reported $35 million because it couldn’t compete.The best bits: Circles – you can intuitively group your contacts dependi


Why open your brand up to criticism?

Posted On June 24, 2011 By Sue Cash

When organisations are considering whether to build a branded online community, the most common reason I hear for deciding against this strategy is a concern about opening their brand up to criticism.   We agree that providing a platform for your customers to complain in public is a risk but this needs to be balanced with the risk of not providing the platform.  The proliferation of social networks and forums that provide this platform means that these complaints are already out ther


Using social media to attract prospective employees

Posted On June 17, 2011 By Larah Kennedy

Recently I’ve had a few friends ask me about how they can utilise social media to attract new employees to their business. So I thought I would share some of the advice I gave them.   There is no doubt that social media has experienced rapid growth over the past couple of years and that it’s changing the way brands communicate with customers. But what about how these brands interact


Facebook’s new privacy woes

Posted On June 9, 2011 By Darren Sharp

Facebook has once again raised the ire of privacy advocates with the wider roll-out of facial recognition software that invites people to tag photos of their friends in the wildly popular social network.   According to Facebook Tag Suggestions works “when you or a friend upload new photos, we use face recognition software—similar to that found in many photo editing tools—to match your new photos to other photos you're tagged in. We group similar photos together an


Closed-Loop customer feedback and local knowledge

Posted On May 26, 2011 By Jeff Carruthers

In his book "Everything Is Obvious - Once You Know the Answer", engineer turned sociologist Duncan Watts makes a very strong case for what many of us suspected all along! Basically, that "commonsense reasoning and history conspire in misleading us to believe that we understand more of the world of human behaviour than we do"; and that attempts to predict, manage or manipulate social and economic systems do not have a good prognosis. Think: Global Financial Crisis, 9/11, sch


Is a Facebook Page really the answer?

Posted On May 17, 2011 By Sue Cash

I’ve been working at Resonate for a few years and have seen many dramatic changes to the social media landscape in that short time.  One of the major changes that concerns me is the rapid increase in Facebook Pages for brands.  It appears that most organisations think they need a Facebook Page to engage with consumers before they have developed a strategic approach to social media.  The “free” nature of Facebook Pages offers an extremely low barrier to entry and this is part


Client Testimonials

“Resonate has provided us with strategic thought, execution methodology and the necessary skills for us to launch our online community.”
Richard Umbers, General Manager – Customer EngagementWoolworths
“Resonate has been instrumental in the success of our Closed Loop Feedback Program both with services and their innovative Resonate Pulse platform. The Closed Loop Feedback Program now covers multiple touch points and business functions and Resonate’s speed, agility and understanding across our business has been critical in allowing the program to evolve.”
Dean Colton, Manager Customer Experience AdvocacyQantas
“Resonate invested time in understanding the Optus Sales Business Unit desired end state for the initial NPS rollout. 12 months later they’ve used their experience and thought leadership to evolve the program to exceed our initial vision and have continued to offer solutions not challenges to all new initiatives. Resonate are an aligned and nimble provider that fits perfectly with our business unit.”
Kathryn Adams-Erwin, Customer Experience ManagerOptus
“Resonate has rolled out over a dozen touch-point NPS surveys and four waves of the Market NPS program across multiple business units and stakeholders in the past year. Resonate has been instrumental in the successful establishment of the broader NPS program at Optus by providing a rapid and agile service in a complex business environment.”
Andrew Sinclair, Director, Strategic Customer Experience Projects, OPTUSOptus
"Resonate played a key role in establishing a closed loop feedback (NPS) program into our supermarket business, Jeff and the team were highly responsive to our needs and the program has been a great success in terms of bringing our customers to the forefront of our Store Managers and Operational teams thinking."
Will Soulsby, Customer Insights ManagerWoolworths