Closed-Loop customer feedback and local knowledge

Posted On May 26, 2011 By Jeff Carruthers

In his book "Everything Is Obvious - Once You Know the Answer", engineer turned sociologist Duncan Watts makes a very strong case for what many of us suspected all along! Basically, that "commonsense reasoning and history conspire in misleading us to believe that we understand more of the world of human behaviour than we do"; and that attempts to predict, manage or manipulate social and economic systems do not have a good prognosis. Think: Global Financial Crisis, 9/11, sch


Is a Facebook Page really the answer?

Posted On May 17, 2011 By Sue Cash

I’ve been working at Resonate for a few years and have seen many dramatic changes to the social media landscape in that short time.  One of the major changes that concerns me is the rapid increase in Facebook Pages for brands.  It appears that most organisations think they need a Facebook Page to engage with consumers before they have developed a strategic approach to social media.  The “free” nature of Facebook Pages offers an extremely low barrier to entry and this is part


Navigating the river of customer data

Posted On April 19, 2011 By Jeff Carruthers

Those of us who are interested in the way organisations engage with customers, are inexorably drawn to data, whether we like it or not! An evidence-based approach is critical and the evidence can only really be found in the customer data trail. Follow the customer, follow the data. However, with the data explosion of the digital era, the challenge we face today is more akin to a "river of information" than a trail - a river that is threatening to engulf us. According to IDC, 95% o


The World’s Top 10 Gov 2.0 Initiatives

Posted On January 20, 2011 By Darren Sharp

Originally published by Shareable Magazine Image created by Adrienne Yancey for The Gov 2.0 movement continues to gain momentum around the world with a number of inspiring people, projects & ideas rising to prominence over the last year or so. Sometimes the most important innovations emerge from the periphery where creative citizens take a “do it first, ask for permission later” approach that can generate a we


Are games the future of online engagement?

Posted On December 20, 2010 By Darren Sharp

According to the Game Developers’ Association of Australia the video games industry is now “double the size of the box office and more than 40 per cent larger than the movie disc industry in Australia”. Video games have gone mainstream and the average age of players in Australia is 30 years old and 46% are female. So why are games so popular and what can they teach us about marketing and customer engagement?A number of recent articles & research point towards a growing trend called “


Groupon’s Social Sales Promotions. Profitable campaigns depend on satisfied… employees!

Posted On December 12, 2010 By Tim Tyler

I am sure you all read recently of the $6 billion bid from Google to the 'group discount local buying' online community called 'Groupon', as in 'Group', 'Coupon'. It was rejected. Here in Australia we have not yet seen the full impact of sites that negotiate local offers from retailers, restaurants, spas etc. that are only good if enough community members take up the offer, to 'tip' it into being activated for customers. These offers are impressive, o


Consumer Research that Matters

Posted On December 1, 2010 By Jeff Carruthers

The world of the market researcher has been challenged by the social media phenomenon. That's the polite interpretation. "Turned upside down" is probably closer to the mark. The ability for more research to be done, more quickly and less expensively with willing online participants seems irresistible and often makes traditional research look, well, just irrelevant. So it is not surprising that we have seen traditional market researchers bunker down into a defensive position.  


Voice of the Customer and the Learning Organisation

Posted On October 27, 2010 By Jeff Carruthers

So-called Voice of the Customer programs have become a hot topic. According to our friends at Communispace, search results from reveal more than ten times the amount of material about voice of the customer than was available fifteen years ago. In 1993, there were thirty three books published on the voice of the customer; since the new millennium there have been on average thirty-three books a month published on the same topic. Something is going on and it is clearly not "your fat


What motivates people to participate in online communities?

Posted On October 14, 2010 By Darren Sharp

Managing online communities takes an interesting blend of strategy, social intelligence and diplomacy. One of the biggest challenges facing any community manager is to understand what motivates people to participate in their particular community given the relentless competition for attention from other channels. Psychology 101 has taught us that people are driven by both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. We know that intrinsic motivation comes from within and relates to things like pleasure &a


Making Customer Feedback Visual

Posted On August 31, 2010 By Jeff Carruthers

As practitioners in the customer feedback game, we are only too aware of customer voices falling on deaf ears. And with the explosion of social media the imbalance between "user generated content" vs "enterprise generated action" has become the herculean challenge. Which is why any mechanism that enables an organisation to listen more effectively is, well frankly, gold. Hence our interest in data visualisation. It is no great surprise that despite building healthy online c


NPS: Do Promoters attract more valuable customers?

Posted On August 15, 2010 By Tim Tyler

Recently we talked about the NPS-relevant study that shows how detractors (evidenced by the fact they leave as customers) influence those close in their social network to also defect. We have also discussed previously, a number of studies showing that Promoters (specifically 'influencers') promote product take-up ('diffusion' in social network speak) through recommendation.Now, thanks to a tweet and post from Rick Pulito we have evidence that Promoters not only recruit customers for you, th


Broadening your brand conversation

Posted On July 28, 2010 By Jeff Carruthers

This TED talk, Listening to Global Voices by Ethan Zuckerman is something of wake-up call. It is very easy for us - especially the digital us - to imagine that a global internet infrastructure means that we are all somehow automatically connected and gaining a broader worldview. Zuckerman illustrates that this is far from the case (we live in "filter bubbles" or worse, in a state of "imaginary cosmopolitanism") and that achieving broader connectedness requires a change in thi


Client Testimonials

“Resonate has provided us with strategic thought, execution methodology and the necessary skills for us to launch our online community.”
Richard Umbers, General Manager – Customer EngagementWoolworths
“Resonate has been instrumental in the success of our Closed Loop Feedback Program both with services and their innovative Resonate Pulse platform. The Closed Loop Feedback Program now covers multiple touch points and business functions and Resonate’s speed, agility and understanding across our business has been critical in allowing the program to evolve.”
Dean Colton, Manager Customer Experience AdvocacyQantas
“Resonate invested time in understanding the Optus Sales Business Unit desired end state for the initial NPS rollout. 12 months later they’ve used their experience and thought leadership to evolve the program to exceed our initial vision and have continued to offer solutions not challenges to all new initiatives. Resonate are an aligned and nimble provider that fits perfectly with our business unit.”
Kathryn Adams-Erwin, Customer Experience ManagerOptus
“Resonate has rolled out over a dozen touch-point NPS surveys and four waves of the Market NPS program across multiple business units and stakeholders in the past year. Resonate has been instrumental in the successful establishment of the broader NPS program at Optus by providing a rapid and agile service in a complex business environment.”
Andrew Sinclair, Director, Strategic Customer Experience Projects, OPTUSOptus
"Resonate played a key role in establishing a closed loop feedback (NPS) program into our supermarket business, Jeff and the team were highly responsive to our needs and the program has been a great success in terms of bringing our customers to the forefront of our Store Managers and Operational teams thinking."
Will Soulsby, Customer Insights ManagerWoolworths