Access all areas: in conversation with Joris Dries

Posted On December 9, 2012 By Darren Sharp

Resonate's Solutions Architect Joris Dries gives us a sneak peak of what's in store for the Pulse platform in 2013 including some exciting new developments that might surprise you. One of the areas we've prioritised is performance improvements around loading of large datasets. This is obviously an important issue for our clients as it will allow them to load larger collections of data than previously possible with more visibility on the loading process. We're also excited by


Swarm Conference Melbourne

Posted On September 14, 2012 By Darren Sharp

I had the good fortune of attending the annual Swarm Conference in Melbourne on Thursday 13 September. Swarm is Australia's only dedicated online community management conference and it proved to be an action packed day with lots of great speakers and participants all jammed together into the fabulous Hub Melbourne ballroom.  There was a full program of activities but the standout for me was the keynote from Justin Isaf, Director of Community at The Huffington Post. Justin and a tea


Advertising Board rules brands responsible for Facebook user comments

Posted On August 20, 2012 By Darren Sharp

The recent ruling from the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) that Facebook constitutes an advertising platform and that brands are ultimately responsible for all content posted to their page, including user comments, has sent many in the industry into a panic.  The ASB ruling was in response to Diageo's Smirnoff Facebook page and states in no uncertain terms that it considers brands responsible for ALL comments posted to its Facebook page, including fan comments: 


From Print Readership to the Digital Customer

Posted On June 21, 2012 By Jeff Carruthers

The dramatic changes in the Australian media landscape over the past week finally recognises the economics of the digital transformation that has been underway for several years. What will be fascinating to watch now is whether our large media players can effect their transformations quickly enough against engrained print cultures and vested interests. I am certainly not a qualified media industry commentator but from the viewpoint of someone working in and around digital and social media (and


Measuring Online Influence

Posted On April 13, 2012 By Larah Kennedy

As more and more businesses start using social media to market and talk to customers, understanding the reach and influence of those customers is becoming more important. This has seen a wave of start ups developing algorithms to help brands, social media managers and PR agencies identify influencers and highlight their online reach. However measuring online influence is no easy task and can't be seen as a one size fits all solution; instead it should be taken as a benchmark to help inform b


Social listening and the tail wagging the dog!

Posted On April 2, 2012 By Jeff Carruthers

It is not surprising that "social listening" has failed to live up to the hype. It was never going to be a silver bullet. Quite apart from the lack of cultural readiness in many organisations, there is only so much signal that can be gleaned from the noise of social media. And after one or two years listening and perhaps acting tactically many organisations are asking "so what?"   This is not to say that we should ignore social media - simply to recognise that it is a jo


Report on the 6th Australian Community Managers Roundtable

Posted On March 28, 2012 By Darren Sharp

Resonate hosted the 6th Australian Community Managers Roundtable in conjunction with Quiip on Monday 26 March in Sydney. The event was organised by the irrepressible Sue Cash who put together a great agenda and kept everything humming along throughout the day. There were about a dozen attendees in total representing agencies, financial services and technology sectors. Here's a rundown of the highlights from each session: PR/ Crisis Management Prepare a “Black site” that yo


Why is it so freaking hard to measure Social Media ROI?

Posted On March 19, 2012 By Sue Cash

Like most people working in Social Media, I believe it is not just a fad and is capable of generating real ROI.   But I am a realist.  I know that Social Media is competing for marketing budget from other more tried and tested ways to “sell stuff” and it needs to prove itself with reliable measurement.  That measurement will depend on the type of activity taking place. Let’s take a minute to think about the main reasons why measuring social media can been di


The Pros and Cons of TripAdvisor for the travel industry

Posted On February 27, 2012 By Sue Cash

TripAdvisor has been running for 12 years and has evolved into one of the world’s best travel resources.  It is also a leading example of an online community, user-generated content and successful SEO.  Without a doubt, the brains behind this online community are worth their weight in gold – they have created a business model where they provide a free platform for the public to share travel recommendations and a handy booking service all under one roof, in return for revenu


Resonate’s 7 Deadly Social Media Sins

Posted On February 8, 2012 By Larah Kennedy

There have been a string of high profile social media disasters lately, which is not surprising with more and more businesses embracing social media, but it highlights the issue of how important it is to learn from our mistakes. This got me thinking about my ultimate social media no-nos. Broadcasting not engaging – social media is not a broadcast channel, it is a discussion. Sure you can post the latest news from your company and make announcements, but make sure you reply to question


Marketing Australia Day

Posted On January 25, 2012 By Darren Sharp

The continued obsession with social media channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter makes it easy to overlook the role of content marketing in your brand’s customer engagement activities. Using these channels to start a conversation with customers is an important first step but the novelty can soon wear off if you stop feeding your customers a regular diet of quality content that draws people in and keeps them coming back. A good digital marketer knows how to develop content that serves


Social Media … the marketing campaign is dead.

Posted On January 16, 2012 By Sue Cash

Having spent the first 10 years of my career working in Direct Marketing, I am well versed in the idea of marketing as a campaign.  The process is: Client briefs agency “we need to sell 2,000 mortgages this quarter” Creative staff work on the design and data planners work back from that 2,000 figure (with expected response rates and conversion rates) to identify how many prospects need to be contacted/exposed to the ad.  If they are more sophisticated, they will ha


Client Testimonials

“Resonate has provided us with strategic thought, execution methodology and the necessary skills for us to launch our online community.”
Richard Umbers, General Manager – Customer EngagementWoolworths
“Resonate has been instrumental in the success of our Closed Loop Feedback Program both with services and their innovative Resonate Pulse platform. The Closed Loop Feedback Program now covers multiple touch points and business functions and Resonate’s speed, agility and understanding across our business has been critical in allowing the program to evolve.”
Dean Colton, Manager Customer Experience AdvocacyQantas
“Resonate invested time in understanding the Optus Sales Business Unit desired end state for the initial NPS rollout. 12 months later they’ve used their experience and thought leadership to evolve the program to exceed our initial vision and have continued to offer solutions not challenges to all new initiatives. Resonate are an aligned and nimble provider that fits perfectly with our business unit.”
Kathryn Adams-Erwin, Customer Experience ManagerOptus
“Resonate has rolled out over a dozen touch-point NPS surveys and four waves of the Market NPS program across multiple business units and stakeholders in the past year. Resonate has been instrumental in the successful establishment of the broader NPS program at Optus by providing a rapid and agile service in a complex business environment.”
Andrew Sinclair, Director, Strategic Customer Experience Projects, OPTUSOptus
"Resonate played a key role in establishing a closed loop feedback (NPS) program into our supermarket business, Jeff and the team were highly responsive to our needs and the program has been a great success in terms of bringing our customers to the forefront of our Store Managers and Operational teams thinking."
Will Soulsby, Customer Insights ManagerWoolworths