Closed Loop Feedback 101

Closed Loop Feedback programs are often based around measuring Net Promoter Score&#8480 but they can also be based around other satisfaction measures.

The most important element of the closed loop feedback program is that you are willing (and able) to act on the feedback and not just run reports.  Ideally, you need to develop a process of reviewing feedback regularly and tracking how it changes over time so you can continually improve and exceed customers’ expectations.


Most closed loop feedback programs go through 4 Lifecycle Phases:

Listen – set up surveys to capture feedback from customers at touchpoints or events

Act – set up platforms that can provide information to the frontline staff to respond to complaints

Discover – mine the data to understand the customer pain (and pleasure) points

Improve – use a customer experience focused team to design solutions and transform the business

For more details on the lifecycle, see our web page.

Author Sue Cash

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