Anticipating the rise of consumer power

Well, I guess it was just a matter of time… ever more sophisticated consumers looking to exercise their economic muscle and progressive companies providing them with the platform to do so. 

We have talked about the rise in consumer power before; what is new are the brands that have not just seen the writing on the wall but turned this into a positive. 

In launching Dell Swarm, Dell appears to have provided a platform that allows you to group together (“swarm”) with others (friends, colleagues etc) for the specific purpose of purchasing an item that has been discounted for a volume purchase by that group. The more people that join the swarm the bigger the discount.

I have seen third party (middleman) efforts to assist collective buying and no doubt we will see “buying clubs” also initiated by consumers themselves but for a magnetic brand in the right category – this is a clever move. Incremental sales utilising the enthusiasm of engaged customers, their social and bargain-hunting impulses – all the while maintaining a conversation at your place!

A sign of things to come.

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Richard Umbers, General Manager – Customer EngagementWoolworths
“Resonate has provided us with strategic thought, execution methodology and the necessary skills for us to launch our online community.”
Kathryn Adams-Erwin, Customer Experience ManagerOptus
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Andrew Sinclair, Director, Strategic Customer Experience Projects, OPTUSOptus
“Resonate has rolled out over a dozen touch-point feedback surveys and four waves of the Market feedback programs across multiple business units and stakeholders in the past year. Resonate has been instrumental in the successful establishment of the broader closed loop feedback program at Optus by providing a rapid and agile service in a complex business environment.”
Will Soulsby, Customer Insights ManagerWoolworths
"Resonate played a key role in establishing a closed loop feedback program into our supermarket business, Jeff and the team were highly responsive to our needs and the program has been a great success in terms of bringing our customers to the forefront of our Store Managers and Operational teams thinking."