Customers First

We began as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting and systems integration company in 2001, helping many medium and large companies including Orlando Wyndham (Pernod Ricard).

In 2007, we pioneered the value of social media for large brands in Australia. Drawing on our experience in CRM, we introduced managed online communities to companies including Bupa and Woolworths. Our work with Woolworths delivered invaluable feedback, shaping the national roll-out of the Everyday Rewards Program.

2010 saw us using our experience with CRM and online communities to enhance how organisations operate and view their customers. Now NPS Accredited our experience provided a unique and well-rounded view enabling the creation and implementation of solutions to improve the customer experience.

Today sees us working with companies across industries including finance, retail, and insurance. Through the use of our cloud-based solutions we enable organisations to consistently deliver exceptional customer interactions, and continually improve their customer experience.

Passion led Us here

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Our Values

Customers Come First

Without our customers we wouldn't be here, so ensuring that our customers are happy is our number one priority. We are passionate about the customer experience, and our belief that the customer comes first is why we exist.

Have Fun

At Resonate we work hard, so we make sure that we also have fun, because why can't you enjoy work as well?

Be Accountable

This means more than just being responsible for your work and deadlines. It is about being able to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe and supporting environment.

Our Leaders


Jeff Carruthers

Managing Director - Accredited NPS® Consultant

Jeff leads the team at Resonate and was founder of the business as a CRM consulting and solutions business in 2001. Jeff has steered the business through its various iterations of CRM, Social Media and Customer Experience with a focus on what makes organisations relevant to contemporary customers – and a keen eye for technical innovation.


Andrew Ah Toy

Account Director

Andrew joined Resonate in 2014 to lead the Account Team and help our clients realise the business benefits of systematic customer feedback (including the Net Promoter System). He brings over 7 years of top tier management consulting experience, focused on customer experience, from Bain & Company.


Mita Bedi

Product & Channels Director

Mita has as a degree in Software Engineering and a Post Grad in Management. She joined Resonate in 2013 to drive our product development strategy. Since then, she has managed relationships, on boarded some of our largest clients and created new product offerings.


Joris Dries

Chief Technology Officer

Joris is a passionate technologist who has developed his IT career over the past decade on the solid foundations of a Masters in Theoretical Computer Science (Vrije Universiteit Brussel).