Customer Experience (CX) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) Management Advice, Systems, and Technology.

Measuring and improving customer experience is how businesses can:

  • Create advocates
  • Drive business outcomes
  • Drive competitive advantage
  • Increase their revenue

However, the hardest thing to do is to implement a system and process that works in practice to systematically improve the customer experience based on the customer voice.

This is where we can help.

Our team will help your business to:

  • Develop and design a suitable program
  • Manage the program implementation
  • Progress monitor and improve the program with you
  • Guide you through analysis, or analyse the results for you in order to inform strategic decisions
The implementation of their Pulse “flying cards” system combined with their advice has not only ensured customer experience is top of mind at Expedia but also enabled us to drill down and obtain actionable insights to improve the customer experience.

Justin Lee

Get actionable insights from our world-class NPS® software platforms, which follows a Listen-Act-Discover-Improve methodology adaptable to any business model.


Capture multichannel feedback with Pulse Surveyer

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Customer facing staff can act immediately on feedback with our Pulse Frontline Portal

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Discover what drives customer experience with Pulse Analytics

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Visualise customer feedback and improve the customer experience with our Big Screen App

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Resonate have been instrumental in the successful establishment of the broader NPS program at Optus by providing a rapid and agile service in a complex business environment.

Andrew Sinclair

Experienced in Voice of Customer and Customer Experience Management Programs

End-to-End Solutions Mangement

Experienced in rolling out and managing customer experience programs to leading global and local brands.

Continual Growth and Innovation

The customer advocacy landscape is always evolving, and we are too. Our team is constantly adding leading edge functionality, growing with you and enabling you to better understand your customers

On-going support

Our experienced team will work with you throughout the life of the project to manage and support you.

Deep Customer Advocacy Experience

As Globally Accredited NPS consultants, we pride ourselves in delivering expert advice and sharing our experience with your business

australia kopi
Australian based

We partner with businesses to deliver innovative customer experience management both locally and internationally

Fast and Agile

We will partner with you and work with you to deliver results fast, and in an agile manner

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